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This is irresponsibility that is frankly sickening.
The senior Iranian lawmaker reiterated that the policies the UAE has adopted concerning the present regional crises, specially in Syria and Yemen, have proven the country's immaturity and irresponsibility towards the regional issues.
The last time such an act of irresponsibility resulted in a shutdown was in 1996.
All this papered over the competitive problems and budgetary irresponsibility of some governments," he adds.
returns to 90s of the last century, when "a syndrome of irresponsibility, lawlessness and injustice" reigned in the country.
This terrifying loss of time is complete irresponsibility of our politicians for the country's future.
VMRO-DPMNE responded that the budget rebalance is made due to the aggravation of the EU economic situation and the most irresponsible politician that closed down 600 factories is not allowed to speak about economic irresponsibility.
In his article Dr Williams wrote: "There is still a powerful sense around - fair or not - of a whole society paying for the errors and irresponsibility of bankers; of messages not getting through; of impatience with a return to 'business as usual' - represented by still soaring bonuses and little visible change in banking practices.
Simon Cowell and the ITV executives who let Nathan Hageman appear on Red or Black, despite his violent past, are guilty of shocking irresponsibility.
I READ that David Cameron has said: "In the banking crisis, with MPs' expenses, in the phone-hacking scandal, we have seen some of the worst cases of greed, irresponsibility and entitlement.
Nevertheless Neophytou said the public could hope that the "government's irresponsibility will be replaced by the majority of the House of Representatives' responsibility".
Hinting that the government had a bigger role in bettering economic conditions at European nations than the ECB, Trichet said that ECB policy could not substitute government irresponsibility.