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Sometimes off-licences can be to blame for selling alcohol to children, but very often the cans and bottles have been sold to adults who then irresponsibly pass them on to young people.
Officers used new dispersal powers to disperse people driving irresponsibly or causing anti-social behaviour in the Nechells area.
A MERSEYSIDE community paramedic has been recognised for his work to stop teenagers drinking irresponsibly.
This squadron published its traffic-safety program in the form of an instruction, which says, in part, "Along with being a health hazard when consumed irresponsibly, alcohol becomes a catalyst of danger when mixed with motor vehicles.
Now these organizations are being orchestrated as a group to irresponsibly distort our record of operating responsibly and in accordance with our permits and local, state and federal law.
If Big Government Republicans behave so irresponsibly and betray the people who elected them, while we blindly, slavishly continue backing them, we establish that there is no price to pay for violating conservative principles.
The cause for the self-inflicted harm for those who may be negative and the borderline criminal actions from those who willingly and irresponsibly pass the HIV may range from plain stupidity to intoxication, with layers of self-hate, maliciousness, and hedonism in between.
Credit card firms deny they are acting irresponsibly and say they do not send unsolicited cheques to card holders close to their credit limit.
IF YOUwant to arrive at Southwell irresponsibly, you can now speed down the straight approach drive without braking for the sleeping policemen - they have woken up and wandered off.
But if someone is on your property or public land acting irresponsibly, it is your duty to report this to those that need to know.
But, like drinking irresponsibly, it's quite fun (I should point out as a responsible columnist, that drinking irresponsibly is not something I recommend.
We have the free will to use our freedom irresponsibly and to break God's law of moral, righteous living, but the divine purpose of freedom is to realize the presence of God in every aspect of our existence and to ever deepen our capacity for expressing that realization Therein alone can we find unalloyed happiness and ultimate certitude about the human condition.