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We do not condone nor tolerate these illegal actions but we attribute these series of lawlessness as symptoms of an irresponsive government and inhumane employers and capitalists,' he said.
A look at the real sector performance shows that the large scale manufacturing (LSM) sector has been irresponsive to (i) a record low interest rate (ii) enhanced availability of energy and (iii) reduction in power tariffs.
He said, "After a pause of 70 long years the mindset, thinking and the conduct of the perpetrators has remained unchanged, rather their insensitivity and irresponsive attitude has grown multi-fold.
8% for precaution after a bowel resection, 3% due to being irresponsive to steroids and 3.
Therefore, KD should be absolutely considered in any child below the age of four years with high fever of unknown origin irresponsive to antibiotic treatment.
Contrary to conventional crude oil production where after initial investment, production is sensitive to short term price fluctuations, shale oil production is irresponsive to short term price fluctuations; that is because 75 percent of shale oil produced occurs during the first year of production, and continued production requires orderly and new investment which in turn is sensitive to crude oil prices.
Perhaps the reason that insurance companies are irresponsive to L5H5 reverse splits is that they simply are less interested in equity investment.
The immediate impact of the crisis was that the lenders many of them being busted became irresponsive to the demand for consumer credit.
Rating Description Activity: able to move around voluntarily or following instructions 2 4 extremities 1 2 extremities 0 0 extremities Breathing 2 Able to take a deep breath and cough freely 1 Dyspnea, shallow or limited breathing 0 Apnea Circulation 2 Blood pressure [+ or -] 20 mm of the pre-surgery level 1 Blood pressure [+ or -] 20-50 mm of the pre-surgery level 0 Blood pressure [+ or -] 50 mm of the pre-surgery level Level of awareness 2 Fully awake 1 Alert to being called 0 Irresponsive Oxygen saturation 2 Able to keep the [O.
Yyldyz stated that Turkey cannot remain irresponsive to developments in Iraq, as that country's share of the world oil supply by 2040 will be 4 million out of 14 million barrels -- the exact amount that is expected to be added to the global oil supply by that time.
This would reinforce the notion that price decreases (at least in the absence of a particularly high inflation rate) appear to have a life of their own, irresponsive to aggregate conditions.
The state institutions are often inefficient, irresponsive, and lack accountability and transparency.