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At the same time, fine motor skill performance and to a large extent also gross motor skill performance appeared largely irresponsive to minor variations in sleep.
Such acts are immoral, irresponsive and condemnable and such attitude cannot be encouraged, he said.
(14) Infliximab is effective in patients who are irresponsive to immunosuppressants.
The author speaks of "God's silence before an unbelieving and irresponsive church" (150-79) as God's answer to the current type of church reality.
Accompanied by Shahzia Tehmas, Saima, Ashbar Shahab and other women of PPP, she came hard on chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan and KP government for their irresponsive and careless response towards tragic incident in DI Khan with a 14-year old girl.
On an irresponsive wicket which had little for the bowlers, the duo had got a solid start but should have gone on to convert it into a big partnership.
Treatment of Hemodialysis Vascular Access Rupture Irresponsive to Prolonged Balloon Tamponade: Retrospective Evaluation of the Effectiveness of N-Butyl Cyanoacrylate Seal-Off Technique.
Genotypes NARC 11-4 were irresponsive genotype against studied variables under S150mM due to presence at the origin of biplot graph (Fig.
'We do not condone nor tolerate these illegal actions but we attribute these series of lawlessness as symptoms of an irresponsive government and inhumane employers and capitalists,' he said.
A look at the real sector performance shows that the large scale manufacturing (LSM) sector has been irresponsive to (i) a record low interest rate (ii) enhanced availability of energy and (iii) reduction in power tariffs.
One patient in the ACPO-NT group irresponsive to nonsurgical treatment underwent ileostomy and eventually recovery, while 32 in ACPO-T group irresponsive to nonsurgical treatment underwent ileostomy, colectomy, or colostomy, which were also effective in 26 subjects as Table 3 shows.
There should be a way for aborting an ongoing operation due to irresponsive cars.