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They have been blamed for various dysfunctions such as conformity to standard rules rather than achieving core missions, oppression of human freedom due to hierarchical control, and irresponsiveness to the public due to adhering to internal procedures of operation.
Irresponsiveness of two retinoblastoma cases to conservative therapy correlates with up- regulation of hERG1 channels and of the VEGF-A pathway.
Head of Lebanese Pilot Association Fadi Khalil told The Daily Star earlier the strike was announced in a reaction to MEA's management irresponsiveness to the association's demand.
The detachment implicit in the phrase, "He knew what to think of it" that frames Jims reaction to his irresponsiveness, shows the forced, exterior aspect of his thought (Lord 8-9): he does not just "think" but considers what it is that he must think (Lord 8-9).
Both the irresponsiveness of the initial real exchange rate and the dependence of the exchange rate dynamics thereafter on the sign of the net foreign asset position (Zee 1987, p.
In such a case, backfiring on the product, attraction of unwanted consumers, and consumer irresponsiveness may well be strong, thereby stifling competition over contracts.
President Sarkozy deserves some credit for expressing his deep regret for Netanyahu's irresponsiveness to his calls for a halt to settlement activity.
Due to this substitution, the enzyme show irresponsiveness for their coenzyme PLP (pyridoxal phosphate) and reduce to catalyze homocysteine metabolism, hence, pyridoxine treatment can decrease the hyperhomocysteinemia.
67) Reacting to the private sector's irresponsiveness to his initial plea, Singh has warned that "strong measures" will be taken if companies do not voluntarily implement employment equalizing schemes.