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With this naming, I begin to acknowledge the irretrievability of work, of intimate relationship, of physical mobility, in my life.
It is also a palliative for Beddoes, a mode of compensating for the irretrievability of health.
We are simultaneously excused by the past's irretrievability and accused by the limited reach of our reconstructions.
Subsequent theorizations by Georges Bataille, Robert Jay Lifton, Cathy Caruth, Shoshana Felman, and others not only continue the Freudian emphasis on the unwilled, nightmarish recurrences of memory, but also point to a general state of being, one marked by melancholia over loss and irretrievability.
And feelings of stasis were no doubt made stronger in the absence of a foreseeable future, and the irretrievability of their past.
Nostalgically, the Calender's inhabitants imagine building immortality in exclusively Virgilian terms, and while the apparent irretrievability of the past frustrates them, Spenser answers their ambivalence in a surprising way: by offering two visions of Rome's ruin.
The irretrievability of his untainted childhood friendship with Galant, given the impingement of the institution of slavery on their relationship, is the final awareness that the imminence of death brings to Nicholaas:
Liu E begins this preface with Zhuangzi's idea that human life is as intangible as a dream, then extends to focus on the same issues that underpin Jin Shengtan's essay--the ephemeral nature of human life and the irretrievability of experience.
Memories, Sonnabend contends, are confabulations, artificial constructions that we design to protect ourselves against the irretrievability of past events in the face of our inevitable amnesia.
The approach of many historians to the American Revolution, it seemed, had too often been deeply ahistorical," but this means for Wood that "there had been too little sense of the irretrievability and differentness of the eighteenth-century world.
13) What is operative is devastation and loss, and be it destruction, death, even suicide, for me it is perhaps the irretrievability that makes it apocalyptic--the personal and social incapacity to regain what has been lost, even if afforded the ground for beginning again.
165) More generally, historians charged that neorepublicans adopted a "presentist" view of the past, ignoring "the irretrievability and differentness of the eighteenth-century world.