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But indeed it can occasion little wonder that this matter escaped the observation of others, since poor Sophia herself never remarked it; and her heart was irretrievably lost before she suspected it was in danger.
In return he did not hesitate to state that her soul was irretrievably lost, and was of opinion that his brother's chance in the next world was not a whit better.
I, who irretrievably destroyed thee by destroying all thou lovedst.
He will be committed irretrievably to his campaign of anarchy.
The one thing certain was, that we had failed again on the very brink of discovery--failed utterly and irretrievably, unless Anne Catherick kept her appointment at the boat-house for the next day.
Still, the leader of the emigrants steadily pursued his way, with no other guide than the sun, turning his back resolutely on the abodes of civilisation, and plunging, at each step, more deeply if not irretrievably, into the haunts of the barbarous and savage occupants of the country.
And lastly, seated on some of the back benches, where they had already taken up their positions for the evening, were divers unmarried ladies past their grand climacteric, who, not dancing because there were no partners for them, and not playing cards lest they should be set down as irretrievably single, were in the favourable situation of being able to abuse everybody without reflecting on themselves.
I was dispatched, accordingly, in the troopship "Orontes," and landed a month later on Portsmouth jetty, with my health irretrievably ruined, but with permission from a paternal government to spend the next nine months in attempting to improve it.
The keenest of all dread with her was lest her father should add to his present misfortune the wretchedness of doing something irretrievably disgraceful.
What will be irretrievably lost and what may be salvaged no one now can say, and it will take a generation of litigation to determine.
In a 1984 design competition, JCMC realized that its hulking hospital campus was irretrievably obsolete and chose the joint venture of RBSD and Ballinger to design a new facility.
Marlowe remains one of the most fascinating of English dramatists but the difficulty in writing about him is the tainted evidence of surviving records: 'He is an irretrievably textual being' writes Prof.