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I put my hat on my head (he never offered a seat to anybody), and as he seemed for the moment struck dumb by my irreverence, I turned my back on him and marched out.
The painter--as Allston did--leaves half his conception on the canvas to sadden us with its imperfect beauty, and goes to picture forth the whole, if it be no irreverence to say so, in the hues of heaven.
Hilbery was relieved and secretly amused at the thought of the interview, although he could not license such irreverence outwardly.
what a disrespectful way to speak of that great man," said grandma, shocked at Young America's irreverence.
Having discovered early in his career that his dignified person and fine voice caused people to stand in some awe of him, and to move him into the chair at public meetings, he had grown so accustomed to deference that any approach to familiarity or irreverence disconcerted him exceedingly.
Bursting with bathos as he riffs off of Wordsworth, Milton, and Burns or turning to absurdity the psalmic similes in the title poem, Higgins's verse revels in pastiche and political irreverence.
If some of the Western writers and thinkers live in the Middle East for some time, they will appreciate the devoutness of many Muslims and their displeasure at any irreverence on religious matters.
Accepting her award on Sunday night, she said she had once starred with Harris in a film called Mack The Knife and paid tribute to "his fabulous wit and wisdom and his Albert Hall size knowledge of just about most things and his sense of fun and irreverence.
Folk singer Erin McKeown has a gift for infusing her work with a lively irreverence that reflects the mind of a unique talent.
Originally commissioned by Theatre Royal Bath's Shakespeare Unplugged festival, this 90 minute show combines a genuine love of all things Shakespearean with a streak of irreverence.
Or rather for having the impertinence to talk about football like a fan, the irreverence to challenge anodyne golf-club banter, and the gall to utter "how cr*p was he?
It's kind of hard not to love The McGunks - the Pogues-style vocal growls, the explosion of punk rock energy at the beginning of "Out of Bullets," the devil-may-care irreverence.