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THEY inspired BBC comedy Dad's Army and were irreverently referred to as Look-Duck-Vanish when they were originally known as the Local Defence Volunteers.
In his easy conversational style, Steinberger makes this point repetitively and somewhat irreverently.
More irreverently, Graham Johnstone wrote: "Please don't let the Tartan Army claim him.
The collages that were on view, all from Hale's ongoing "MIRIAM" series, 2000--, are densely layered with texts, objects, and images revolving around maternal themes, which are irreverently detourned by way of pornographic imagery and allusions to incest and bestiality.
The party's official study of Romney's loss -- irreverently called an ''autopsy'' report -- cited Republican activists ''frustrated by the party's negative image among women.
In her irreverently titled book, Agrawal details her unorthodox, creative and clever approach to raising capital, learning about the restaurant world and creating buzz.
Bush's third Press Secretary between 2006 and 2007, once irreverently answered one of her questions with: "Thank you for the Hezbollah view.
London's Daily Mail irreverently headlined its report of Australia's latest collapse in India: "Can we play the Ashes now?
If Pistorius's lawyers choose to avoid the self-defense avenue, another option may be to argue temporary insanity based on chemical stimulants, a defense irreverently referred to in sports-mad South Africa as "roid rage", short for 'steroid'.
Playing the ugly sisters is an invitation to be outrageous and milk the boos from the crowd, and their performance is irreverently and enjoyably over the top.
In addition, a portion of the sanctuary was irreverently used to house large amounts of ammunition and explosives.
as a slogan annoyed Rowe so much he once convinced Discovery to air a one-hour special irreverently called "Safety Third.