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Note that the underlying flow dynamics of oil-in-water two-phase flow can be revealed more clearly and efficiently in multidimensional phase space; we employ Casali's multitesting strategy [38] to detect the m-dimensional time irreversibility of the oil-in-water two-phase flow.
Robert Higgs (2013) has convincingly shown the irreversibility of government growth during and after times of crisis and war via the "ratchet effect.
This may be due to the fact that a higher generator temperature produces more refrigerant vapors, thus leading to higher entropy generation and hence more irreversibility in the system.
This is due to the increase of the temperature difference between the hot water and the dead point, which results in an increase in the total irreversibility of the absorption system.
In a more recent review, Cuddy-Casey and orvaschel (1997) reported that children are able to develop a complete understanding of death after they reach the chronological or mental age of 9-years-old and there is a consensus throughout the literature of a developmental trend in which the concept of irreversibility is understood first (Slaughter & Griffiths, 2007).
However, one approach that may merit more attention is an exploration of Hemingway's notions of "action" and of the irreversibility of action within the text.
In a media statement after the list was adopted, the Cabinet said that there was a "qualitative difference" in the latest plan because there would be targeted measures in new legislation that would capitalise on previous changes to laws "to ensure the irreversibility of the ongoing reforms".
This patient would not have met the criteria in the ANZICS Statement which recognises that a longer period is needed to confirm irreversibility when this is the aetiology of the damage to the brain.
May-June 2010), Don Marquis captures this ambiguity when he contrasts irreversibility and permanence.
is determined by the irreversibility caused by the temperature difference between the heat source and the gas in the engine.
We firmly believe that an essential pillar of ensuring the irreversibility of the processes under way in Afghanistan is directly linked to ensuring better, result-oriented cooperation at the regional level, particularly between Afghanistan and its neighbors.