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Explanations of irreversibility were those that emphasized that the deceased would not come back to life or that they were gone forever.
To the Editor: In his criticisms of arguments supporting the use of criteria for declaring the cardiac deaths of donors under DCD protocols, Don Marquis assumes those arguments rely on conceptual claims about the essential natures of "death" and "irreversibility," rather than on pragmatic and ethical claims about the circumstances under which determinations of irreversibility and death can be properly made.
The temporal ecstasies--and therefore the liberties--that are not grounded on irreversibility and necessity come forward as arbitrary, therefore as nonliberties.
2] = expected volatility in the value of investing over the life of the investment [rho]'= modified rate which includes the effects of uncertainty and irreversibility V = value of the opportunity to invest [mu] = constant drift rate [sigma] = constant variance rate dz = increment of Wiener process, z(t) Table 2.
Irreversibility of circulation after cardiac arrest thus is defined as a state in which these functions cannot return on their own and will not be restored by medical interventions.
Of course, if the manager could defer the investment, then the delaying force of irreversibility might dominate the accelerating force of follow-on options.
For example, potential control variables for the investment-uncertainty relationship in underlying studies are the degree of irreversibility of investment, the degree of risk aversion, and assumptions with respect to substitution possibilities between production factors.
The dramatic image was meant to convey the tangible results of a protracted and torturous diplomatic campaign to eliminate North Korea's nuclear weapons program and signal its irreversibility.
His theory, scriptural realism, entails the irreversibility of the sovereignty of God in relation to God's Words and the belief that the Words of God are true because God speaks through them.
Long-term postischaemic dysfunction and irreversibility of ischaemic damage have been associated with low ATP content.
After reviewing the potential irreversibility of tardive dyskinesia, the patient questions you about antipsychotic-induced diabetes.