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Maryan, Disinfection procedures: their effect on the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of irreversible hydrocolloid impression materials and gypsum casts.
It said there were "early warning signs that both coral reef and Arctic systems are already experiencing irreversible regime shifts".
They also found that the ongoing glacier loss is effectively irreversible.
Patients and Methods: Three hundred and sixty patients with irreversible pulpitis were divided into two groups.
4) Compared to other impression materials, irreversible hydrocolloids have the disadvantages of low dimensional stability and reduced capacity for detail reproduction.
It is hard to imagine that on the basis of one report you can talk about irreversible and sustainable progress" in justice reforms, he said.
a biotechnology company developing novel targeted covalent drugs, has demonstrated the first-ever selective irreversible inhibition of a viral protease using a targeted covalent drug.
Pottier (ohysics, Universte Paris Diderot) draws upon her years of graduate teaching for this study of linear irreversible processes within non equilibrium statistical physics.
The report warns that the environment hit "tipping points" that could see irreversible harm to key areas including coral reefs and freshwater lakes, and the loss of large parts of the Amazon rainforest.
In this issue, Don Marquis concludes that DCD donors are indeed not dead at the moment of donation because the cessation of their cardiac function is not irreversible.
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics has been applied with success to numerous phenomena even in the form that nowadays is referred to as 'classical irreversible thermodynamics'.
Known as irreversible electroporation, the technique uses carefully applied electrodes to deliver a brief, high-voltage current, which destabilizes the polarity of tumor cell membranes, without generating substantial heat.