irreversible damage

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These latest projections show that, even with the single farm payment, most farmers are receiving an appalling return on their investment and the need for immediate remedy is now if we are to avoid irreversible damage to the supply base.
Both are already receiving treatment at Sheffield Children's Hospital where Dr Neil Wright said: "If we don't consider surgery these kids are going to suffer irreversible damage to their heart and other organs.
The CPRE said the proposals could include irreversible damage to landscapes, wildlife, rural tranquillity, water resources, air quality, recreation and the character of historic cities, villages and towns.
The risks to sight from looking at the sun are very real and could lead to irreversible damage to eyesight and even blindness.
We are concerned that we may learn they have caused irreversible damage to our environment or health.
According to the American Heart Association, roughly half of the 14 million Americans who have some form of coronary artery disease will find out about it only after they have a heart attack or irreversible damage.
If he and his colleagues could link lead exposure to these antibodies, they would have a simple blood test to pick up even early effects of this metal on the brain -- changes that predate overt symptoms and irreversible damage.
Degradation of cartilage in joints and spinal discs often leads to irreversible damage, causing pain and disability.
Symptomatic VMA, a progressive condition which left untreated can led to retinal distortion, further deterioration in vision and can also cause irreversible damage and complications.
After consuming such drinks you should swill out your mouth with water afterwards, or chew sugar-free gum, to stimulate the flow of saliva, which neutralises acid and stops irreversible damage to your teeth.
Yogesh Sharma said that if Baba did not break his fast he may suffer irreversible damage to his body.
This is important since we know that if treatment is left too late, then irreversible damage to the bones can occur.