irreversible damage

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The report forcefully shows that these plans would cause irreversible damage to the World Heritage site and are based on a questionable business case.
President Donald Trump added six months to avert any irreversible damage to national security.
You only have up to seven minutes after hitting the send button to reverse what could be irreversible damage.
The ICRC urged, in a statement, all parties and competent authorities to find a solution that would avoid any loss of life or irreversible damage to health of detainees who have been on hunger strike for 39 days.
The Liberals have done nothing but irreversible damage to Australias health care system.
LAHORE -- Seasoned Ophthalmologist Prof Idrees Adhi Thursday warned against possibility of irreversible damage to eye sight due to frequent use of contact lenses.
Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom said: "Most people would be dismayed to know the face scrub or toothpaste they use was causing irreversible damage to the environment"
Sadly, the decision was made to put him to sleep a week later, as the line has caused some irreversible damage to one of the legs.
Idrees Adhi has warned against possibility of irreversible damage to eye sight due to indiscriminate use of contact lenses.
A judicial expert later described a "cruel and perverse" man whose incompetence made Ms Boulesteix lose several healthy teeth, go through a trauma and suffer irreversible damage to her mouth.
Despite the best medical attention the final brain scans on Monday showed irreversible damage and the decision had to be taken to switch off the life support machine.
Former DIKO chairman Marios Garoyian urged his successor to get a grip, before he caused irreversible damage, as the two men made their differences public and the rift in the party deepened.