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The findings represent a new concept in stem cell biology: that an irreversibly committed cell that is downstream in a stem cell lineage can become an essential regulator of stem cells, the researchers say.
What the manifold tales, stats, and interviews illuminate is a system almost irreversibly infected by money.
We must not be the generation responsible for irreversibly damaging the environment.
Had the alga not been contained, "it would have irreversibly changed the ecosystem in California's near-shore coastal environment,' says Tim Keeney, deputy assistant secretary of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
With sufficient intensity and duration of treatment, membranes are irreversibly damaged, important cellular compounds leak out, and cells die.
Speaking directly, as students often do, they felt it was expecting too much of a man to avoid female companionship when irreversibly robbed of consortium with his wife.
On a related note, researchers have reported that the world's largest peat bog in the sub-Arctic region of Western Siberia may also be irreversibly warming.
The P2P genie is irreversibly out of the bottle, with the software already installed on hundreds of millions of computers and developers in countries beyond the reach of American laws," he says.
If there is any risk that the varistor structure might be irreversibly damaged due to an increased energy load, the user is informed by the yellow indicator and the remote signalling function.
The medical examiner's findings revealed she was massively and irreversibly brain-damaged, blind and oblivious to what surrounded her.
A rotaxane is composed of irreversibly interlocked molecules in the shape of a ring threaded onto a dumbbell-shaped rod, where [n] denotes the total number of interlocked molecules.
Now scientists report that the tiny proteins do not wash away because they bind almost irreversibly to clay.

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