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Irreversibly damaged neurons, that are perhaps malfunctioning, may be the cause of the deficits.
But unlike the snake, which usually gets to cough its meal up again, intact, the artistic homage irreversibly transforms the prized object.
My concern is that we will irreversibly change what it is to be human.
2) For other people, finding out that their livers were being irreversibly scarred helped them stop using alcohol.
We are dangerously close to irreversibly losing significant amounts of recycling capacity," Cotchan says in the release.
to modify the Plasma Converter(TM) in Japan to safely and irreversibly destroy PCBs (polychlorinated byphenyls).
It would be nice to believe that Bacon and Plato "shaped the cultures in which they lived, and shaped them irreversibly, moulding those which followed, above all our own" (222), but all too little evidence is offered.
Studies are therefore designed to cover a full range of dose-related effects--from pharmacologic, to beneficial, to irreversibly toxic.
But it is wrong to irreversibly liberalise the law until both have taken place.
Seven of 13 treated mice who survived beyond 150 days appeared to be cured of their illness, as evidenced by an absence of irreversibly sickled cells in peripheral blood smears, normalization of hematologic abnormalities and red cell turnovers, and a reversal of sickle cell-related pathology in the spleen and kidneys.
The main motivation of the United States regarding FTAA seems to be full access to Latin American markets after proper conditions are established and the economic reforms are irreversibly rooted.
Microbial biofilms develop when microorganisms irreversibly adhere to a submerged surface and produce extracellular polymers that facilitate adhesion and provide a structural matrix.

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