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Because of the irrevocability of money transfers, even to a foundation bearing one's name, we now sometimes see foundations established with fixed lifetimes--the Olin Foundation being a prime illustration.
Nevertheless, finite liberty is not (irrevocably) an identity of beginning and choice as in its own origin that eternally originates itself, but rather a dissolvable coincidence of that free choice that egotistically puts itself as absolute beginning and not a commenced initiative, making room thereby for the finite, mortal world far from the irrevocability of original liberty: a being mixed with non-being and more pervaded by evil than rich with good--as the myth of original sin relates to us when it describes the shameful choice of the original man that gave rise to the fall of mortal man far from God.
But it is also sliding with a dangerous irrevocability into international isolation, where it feels it can rely only on itself for survival in a hostile world.
Bulgaria's Foreign Minister, Nikolay Mladenov has noted the irrevocability of the Bulgarian commitment in Afghanistan, and discussed with Rasmussen the possibility of increasing the number of Bulgarian troops there.
In Woodson, the Supreme Court explained that the irrevocability of execution set it apart from other criminal punishments:
Instead, it "is more concerned with historical and individual time, with the irrevocability of the past and human finitude" (49).
Davutoglu said the negotiations between the ethnical groups in Bosnia should be carried out in accordance with the principles of territorial integrity and irrevocability of the borders.
The issuance of a permit and its irrevocability has been a crucial component in real estate and real estate lending.
Without romanticizing the justification that fortifies the violent act, Dib untangles the relation between political enthusiasm and ethical conscience, both of which lurk under the facade of collective violence, yet are often subsumed by the irrevocability of violence that is inbuilt into the social fabric of colonialism that sustains the anti-colonial resolve, as Dib describes the brother Nedim's emotional state:
Of course I was proud of and valued my previous achievements, and while I was riding I appreciated the recognition from peers, punters and press alike, but as soon as I stopped, the recognition reeked of irrevocability, becoming a constant reminder that I'd be lucky to achieve that much again in the rest of my life.
Conventional wisdom is that SPIAs don't sell well because their illiquidity, irrevocability and low return on investment make them unpopular with investors.
proposition that because of its severity and irrevocability, the death

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