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From these two ontological observations of the human subject, Eliot adduces the central tenet of her ethics: the irrevocability of wrong.
Conventional wisdom is that SPIAs don't sell well because their illiquidity, irrevocability and low return on investment make them unpopular with investors.
The irrevocability and finality of death stalked his every year, and his cognizance of the transient nature of life effectively galvanized Lincoln to shape his own destiny.
Telling the story of Israel's many failings is the Torah's way of demonstrating the irrevocability of the Covenant down the ages.
The most common reason for the Social Security Administration to declare a trust invalid under d4A is the failure to comply with state trust laws regarding irrevocability.
In this allocution the Pope affirms the irrevocability of Casti connubii.
This irrevocability is what I meant by "sequential activities.
Alas for the Fascists, Victor Emmanuel considered revenge to be a dish best eaten cold: as he demonstrated with bland irrevocability in the bloodless July 1943 coup that brought Mussolini down.
Perhaps even more troubling, issues that were seemingly uncontroversial, such as the ability to imply the irrevocability of mutual wills from, inter alia, the testators' agreement to execute the wills, (8) are now unclear.
Its color, intelligence, its associations with death, mystery, omen, occult knowledge--all serve to evoke certain mood and prepare the ground and atmosphere for the student's confrontation with the fact of irrevocability of death.
02 billion yen for such reasons as appraisal losses on asset holdings and irrevocability of accounts receivable.
For example, one of the thematic differences between the MT/LXX and the AT is the theme of the irrevocability of Persian law.

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