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Unable to cancel or recall; that which is unalterable or irreversible.


adjective beyond recall, binding, changeless, definite, final, firm, fixed, immitigable, immutable, impossible to change, incapable of revocaaion, incommutable, indefeasible, indelible, indestructible, indissoluble, indissolvable, ineluctable, ineradicable, inevasible, inevitable, inextinguishable, inflexible, inrevocabilis, intransmutable, irreclaimable, irredeemable, irremediable, irremovable, irreparable, irrepealable, irreversible, lasting, nonreversible, permanent, remediless, reverseless, settled, stable, unable to be annulled, unalterable, unavoidable, unchangeable, unrepealable, without appeal
Associated concepts: irrevocable dedication, irrevocable gift, irrevocable grant, irrevocable license, irrevocable option, irrevocable pledge, irrevocable transfer, irrevocable trust
See also: certain, compulsory, conclusive, decisive, definite, determinative, final, immutable, inappealable, indefeasible, indelible, indestructible, inescapable, inevitable, ironclad, irredeemable, irremediable, irreversible, lost, necessary, permanent, positive, stable, unavoidable

IRREVOCABLE. That which cannot be revoked.
     2. A will may at all times be revoked by the same person who made it, he having a disposing mind; but the moment the testator is rendered incapable to make a will he can no longer revoke a former will, because he wants a disposing mind. Letters of attorney are generally revocable; but when made for a valuable consideration they become irrevocable. 7 Ves. jr. 28; 1 Caines' Cas. in Er. 16; Bac. Ab. Authority, E. Vide Authority; License; Revocation.

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Called the "AJH Irrevocable Trust," it was uncovered after being filed in family court by attorney John G.
The intent to make the donation irrevocable becomes even clearer by the proviso that a surviving donor shall respect the irrevocability of the donation.
The Pamajugo Irrevocable Trust is an irrevocable trust under the laws of the state of Delaware and has no ultimate parent.
Here are some simple ways to explain to your clients what they're gaining by going with the irrevocable trust:
Runyan indicates that the IRS has recognized that using an irrevocable trust may have provided a way around the rule against related party transactions when claiming the first-time homebuyer credit, and makes clear that the practice also constitutes a related party transaction.
However, termination may be delayed for custodianships established by a revocable nomination of a custodian (not later than age 25), an irrevocable lifetime gift (not later than age 21), an irrevocable exercise of a power of appointment (not later than age 25), a transfer authorized in a will or trust (not later than age 25), or any other transfer (not later than age 25 or earlier termination).
However, the husband could give the policy to the irrevocable trust (or to any third party), in which case the proceeds will be excluded from his estate provided he lives for more than three years after the gift (see pages 426-427).
With life swap, the individual creates an irrevocable defective grantor trust and funds it with an asset to which the individual does not currently need access.
2601-1(b)(1)(i) (TD 8644, 12/26/95), which provided that the grandfathering rules do not apply to a pro-rata portion of any GST under an irrevocable trust if additions are made to the trust after Sept.
But if she could give back what she received, she did not receive an irrevocable self-giving irrevocably, and vice versa, and one cannot give oneself irrevocably unless the giving is received irrevocably.
Precisely two millennia later, on Wednesday, the thirteenth of October in the Crhistian year 1951, my Jewish parents took a decisive and irrevocable step in a room of the Quality Courts Motel outside Corning, New York.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-6 April 2005-TietoEnator receives additional irrevocable undertaking for AttentiV offer(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.

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