irrevocable decision

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Mr Price was applauded loudly when he asked Sir Keir: "Why does Labour contend that the British people took an irrevocable decision 20 months ago and argue only for reducing the amount of damage [caused by Brexit]?
In a custody hearing, Wesley and Sini Mathews stood in shackles before a judge and agreed to relinquish their parental rights - an irrevocable decision, Dallas News reported.
I also hope that at the next session, in the spring, the Verkhovna Rada will not lose its courage and will provide three hundred votes for the final and irrevocable decision to cancel parliamentary immunity.
This is an irrevocable decision until further notice.
The UK choosing to leave the EU will be an irrevocable decision.
This annuitization process involves an irrevocable decision to accept a payment for the annuitant's life or a term of years, usually no fewer than five.
It added that it had coordinated with the Cabinet's Fatwa and Legislation Department to take necessary legal procedures to stop the enforcement of the court ruling, noting that it is not an irrevocable decision.
Now we have a more important, irrevocable decision and no study committee is needed?
Is it reasonable to force a promising young 12yearold to make an irrevocable decision on his/her lifelong career?
It is the right time for the Pakistani democratic government to take the irrevocable decision and even to identify the real threat and enemy, who has strengthened back support from abroad being situated in the country.
In this way, it is provided the ex oficcio termination of the parliamentary mandate at the time the final and irrevocable decision of a court of law decides consequently (17).
The important thing is that such a decision is made and it was confirmed that the chapter is opened in an irrevocable decision," Davutoy-lu told reporters following a parliamentary meeting on Tuesday.

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