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The patch delivers a near-constant level of nicotine into the body to help smokers cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms, like headaches and irritability.
Airway irritability is a significant factor in asthma.
The symptoms of tiredness, irritability and loss of sex drive are normally presumed to be a strictly female complaint.
The combination is producing more irritability and aggressive language from consumers than we've heard in years.
The problem is that she has recurring episodes of irritability lasting from three to five days at a time.
An early sign of manic-depressive illness may be hypomania--a state in which the person shows a high moodiness or irritability, and impulsive or reckless behavior.
Irritability, tension, depression, impaired social interactions, diminished mental ability, inefficiency, distorted eating habits, headaches, confusion, dizziness, and reduced sexual drive did not get significantly better.
They instead may sense that they begun to experience difficulties with confusion, memory loss and irritability.
This new classification includes children aged 6-12 years with persistent irritability most of the time, nearly every day, lasting at least 12 months and starting before age 10 years.
Washington, Mar 14 ( ANI ): Increased consumption of dietary trans fatty acids (dTFAs) could be behind greater irritability and aggression among men and women of all ages, a new study has suggested.
NEW YORK -- Roughly half of all children with autism have depression, and more have anxiety or irritability, an assessment of 627 pediatric patients shows.