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She was overheated and irritable, and fanned herself energetically for a while.
Lachenel came in, carrying a riding-whip, with which he struck his right boot in an irritable manner.
It had to be taught, developed, and made fit for the service of the irritable business world.
Blessed be God," said Don Quixote when he had heard Don Lorenzo's sonnet, "that among the hosts there are of irritable poets I have found one consummate one, which, senor, the art of this sonnet proves to me that you are
I am so worried in my mind that I am apt to be irritable.
I had been without sleep for a night and two days, and I was feverish and irritable.
I grew very weary and irritable with the curate's perpetual ejaculations; I tired of the sight of his selfish despair.
The count bit his lips till the blood almost started, to prevent the ebullition of anger which his proud and irritable temper scarcely allowed him to restrain; understanding, however, that in the present state of things the laugh would decidedly be against him, he turned from the door, towards which he had been directing his steps, and again confronted the banker.
Every human being is sometimes a little suspicious and irritable.
Suppose that a man is irritable when vexed: he is not even spoken of as a bad-tempered man, when in such circumstances he loses his temper somewhat, but rather is said to be affected.
Catherine, weak-spirited, irritable, and completely under Lydia's guidance, had been always affronted by their advice; and Lydia, self-willed and careless, would scarcely give them a hearing.
Poyser, who did not easily take an irritable view of things.