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3 : to speak or utter sharply or irritably snap out a command <"You keep quiet
His editor, who is as irritably critical as Quoyle's own parents, tosses the pages into the trash, exclaiming "If I'd wanted War and Peace, I would have hired William bloody Shakespeare
But on those occasions that the system is repeatedly failing to register my correct spoken choices, I have a tendency to irritably snap, "Agent.
At times, though, the group's relatively restrained approach works very much in the music's favor, as it does on the adagio movement of the Quintet, where grumbling cello lines bump up almost irritably against the more expansive gestures of the violins.
He's also got something more in the barefoot, plain Josie, whose "rough" talk of past conquests he irritably dismisses as a "bluff.
Currently ambassador to the papal court at Avignon, he was known for his tetchiness and readiness to take offence--he had once irritably slapped the face of a bishop who had turned up late for an official procession.
Look, either take that look off your face or tell me to come in and get to work," he said irritably.
I can't understand where all our steak knives have gone," she growled irritably.
Mann, who was then in his mid-thirties, had been feeling as ill-humored, as cantankerous, as irritably out of sorts, as one of his own neurotic protagonists.