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Sean Penn irritably came to Law's defense later in the evening when he took the stage as a presenter.
London, July 28( ANI ): Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger reacted irritably when reporters asked him to explain the current status of want away captain Robin Van Persie, following a 2-0 friendly defeat against Manchester City in Beijing on Friday, saying the club hasn't received any offer yet.
This is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black, widening the growing chasm between us and them -- the only problem is that ' them' seem to be winning hands down, even though we find it irritably unpalatable.
you wonder irritably -- and moves on robotically to the next customer.
She answered irritably, only to hear a wise wizardly voice invite her to The Otherworld.
In recent days, television viewers have been treated to the spectacle of at least one metropolitan subjected to the ordeal of pursuit down the street by microphone-wielding reporters, demanding answers as the metropolitan's gaze is fixed irritably into the middle distance, his black cassock flapping in the winter chill as he quickens his pace.
They look over our shoulder, tutting irritably at the late arrival of the real guests.
This may see you react irritably, but really this is not what is at the root of your reaction.
One gets the sense that this could have been an excellent book if only Schlink were not so intent on keeping his characters slouching irritably around a country estate, speechifying at one another.
Never again will I have to sit around the dinner table at Christmas irritably snapping the sprouts from my fork as my mother regales the redhead once more with the story of how the 12-year-old me moped his way around New York and couldn't wait to get home to his box bedroom in Aberdare, close the curtains and listen to Marillion.
Many years later, Amis irritably mentioned the way "Jim and I have taken a lot of stick and a lot of bad mouthing for being Philistine, aggressively Philistine," and he tried to refute the charge: "It's nice to have a pretty girl with large breasts rather than some fearful woman who's going to talk to you about Ezra Pound and hasn't got large breasts and probably doesn't wash much.
Robert Bierstedt once irritably remarked that it was "time to remonstrate with Edward Tiryakian about his extravagant regard for Durkheim .