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Two years after the exposure, the WTC workers had decreased sensitivity to odors and irritants as compared to similar workers with no WTC exposure.
They replace the protective barrier needed to keep irritants out and your own natural oils and moisture in.
This can explain the fact that asthma can be aggravated in a nonspecific manner by exposure to dust, smoke, fumes, and low levels of irritant chemicals.
The physician should estimate concentration and duration of exposures to allow for the determination of the probability that the symptoms are attributable to a known toxic or irritant effect.
The researchers applied the skin protectant Proteque on the arm creases of 12 volunteers, then -- 30 minutes later -- rubbed on sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) as the irritant.
One application of Power Block Plus will protect for most of the day against all three harmful irritants.
PABA, often an irritant, isn't used in any Coco Willy sunscreen.
Scientists now recognize tropospheric ozone -- a component of smog -- as a greenhouse gas as well as an eye an lung irritant.
The product is for external use only and is indicated to manage and relieve the burning and itching experienced with various types of dry skin conditions including atopic dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis and radiation dermatitis.
The jammed overhead bins in airplane cabins have long been an irritant to full-fare business travelers - the airlines' most valued customers.
Right now, he is looking at the effects of spreading an irritant over a colony of zebra mussels.
Winter temperatures prevent menthol crystals from vaporizing, leaving the mites unchecked; spring treatment may cause the menthol to mix with honey; and summer heat elicits such rapid vaporization that bees temporarily flee the irritant, abandoning their hives and broods.