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The drops join three other Rohto products: Cool Max for maximum-strength redness relief and specially formulated to whiten, protect and soothe irritated eyes; Cool to whiten and protect irritated eyes; and Hydra to restore moisture and relieve irritation by mimicking natural tears.
I get so irritated when somebody has parked a car over two spaces in a car park.
In London, 32 per cent said they were irritated by having to commute, where as 36 per cent of people in the north of England got steamed up by the prospect of queuing.
But the simple fact is that sometimes some powerful people need to be irritated.
The pounds 4,000 cost of this lunacy will be paid by the folk of North Wales who will no doubt be, much to Ms Robinson's delight, irritated and annoyed.
They were irritated by the noise, but most felt that they would eventually adapt.
Because of his head injuries, he became easily irritated at minor annoyances and would often have temper fits, throwing himself around in his chair and bed.
While he is a very happy person (even jolly), he does get irritated by the elves, especially after they have been drinking.
Dry skin is a condition that makes skin itchy, irritated, or cracked.
I can actually see why people get irritated by me and David,' she said.