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His father shook his head irritatedly and said: "Esta baina no, [Papiamentu: "Damn!
Now, in this apparently more conventionally realistic part of the story, Blumfeld, in his factory workplace, deals irritatedly with his two assistants.
Even deadlier was the reaction last fall to Naomi Wolf's Misconceptions, a mesmerizingly nutty polemic about what she calls "the hidden truths behind giving birth in America today." (That's compared to the sheer delight of giving birth In the rest of the world, of course.) The bland trade journal Publishers Weekly, which hardly has an and-feminist ax to grind, irritatedly dismissed the book as "a weirdly out-of-touch bid for personal attention."
Von Bulow passed it on to His Majesty, who scrawled irritatedly in the margin, "Our ambassador is over there to take the pulse of the press and to comment when necessary by administering proper treatment himself." Wilhelm agreed, however, that Germany should refrain from any more unilateral displays of force.