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It's very irritating. We understand revenue is vital to the newspaper, but that is being greedy.
It read: "To hear you describe our son as appallingly irritating ...
Quoting the letter, Mayo said: "To hear you describe our son as appallingly irritating ...
Apart from sex, the topics people find most irritating at the dinner table are politics (35pc), reality TV (31pc) and dieting (27pc), the last of which is very worrying when viewed in conjunction with the 73pc of the PhotoBox sample who say they leave their holiday snaps unseen and unused on their phones and computers.
While we are talking about irritating things, there is a new campaign against me.
The self-service machines, which arrived in the UK a decade ago, were rated as even more irritating than junk mail, bad driving, cold calling and computer malfunctions.
The car insurance experts asked more than 3,000 people to tell them which road users they find most irritating as part of its annual Admiral Survey of Motorists with YouGov.
The soft drink ad, which saw the blonde bombshell riding a bike in a supermarket, was second to Peter Jones' commercial in a list of the most irritating campaigns.
Respondents were asked if they found being next to someone wearing a scented product irritating or appealing.
JUST when I thought you couldn't find someone more irritating than Fearne Cotton, along came Alan Price and Lee Miller in C4's Revenge Of The Bin Men.
TAXI drivers are the least courteous and most irritating motorists, according to a poll of UK motorists by insurance specialist Admiral.
He is the most extraordinarily irritating little man" - Actor David Suchet on his classic role as Agatha Christie's Belgian detective.