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Named after their favourite Herman Wouk book, the pair, joined by three friends, have not lost their ability to pen an irritatingly catchy tune.
Macaulay's irritatingly know-all schoolboy might not agree that all the former were "better writers".
The small bags are irritatingly difficult to carry around and in no way are they helping the environment.
It is, nonetheless, the centre piece of a book that is generally poorly written, repetitious, and couched throughout in the irritatingly tendentious language of 'critical' (as opposed to uncritical?) social science.
In the midst of all the chaos sits Michael Pollan, calmly nibbling a piece of homemade boar prosciutto and ruminating, "Let them eat cake made with unbleached organic flour and fresh butter from the local creamery." Pollan is the author of The Omnivore's Dilemma, an irritatingly excellent book.
Sadly, though, Graham took this compelling material and created a lackluster and irritatingly repetitive book.
Narrated by the comically self-deprecating Carlton in brief chapters interspersed with b/w Signy comic strips featuring fantasy versions of what he's going through, this adventure/mystery tale is irritatingly sprinkled with footnotes, but may otherwise amuse readers looking for lighthearted entertainment.
But beware the odd smattering of schmaltz and an irritatingly unlikely plot twist in the film's final 30 minutes.
This format makes the story compelling and easily comprehensible, but in the process, Brindle begins to see his subject in the context of the projects rather than of the time and, irritatingly, finds it surprising that 'while furiously busy with the design of his railways he should have found time to think about a completely different subject [ship design]'.
The first is all mumble and meander, the second irritatingly voluble, but the flashes of early Errol Morris Americana-grotesque in both films seal their strange confraternity.
"When we're sitting in the garden it's become irritatingly more noticeable.
A full three festivals after the events of September 2001, we can say that America--and that inevitably and irritatingly means the rest of us, too--has finally gotten its Cannes 9/11.