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The superficial tissue coagulation prevents extensive tissue necrosis, thus avoiding the irritative symptoms due to sloughing of necrotic tissue seen with Nd:YAG laser.
17) Again, all of these products have been shown to be irritative to some combination of the eyes, skin, respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract.
They also found that there is a large degree of overlap among the different explanations that have been proposed, which include phantom-limb syndrome and release hallucinations, sensory deprivation, creating consistency, perceptual release, irritative hallucinations, and senescence.
Hemorrhagic cystitis (HC): excessive bleeding from the bladder, combined with bladder pain and irritative bladder symptoms
These risks include irritative symptoms, voiding disorders, and injuries to the urinary tract, bowel, nerves and vascular structures.
We still do not have a way of separating the desirable regenerative stimulatory actions of the topical retinoids from their annoying irritative effects.
At the time of initial evaluation, 16 patients (13%) had irritative symptoms of the lower urinary tract and 8 (6%) complained of gross hematuria.
2004, "Assessment of Upper Respiratory Tract and Ocular Irritative Effects of Volatile Chemicals in Humans," Critical Reviews in Toxicology, 34(2), 85-142).
TUNA uses radiofrequency waves into prostatic tissue and is effective over long term, however temporary side effects such as irritative urinary symptoms and urinary retention can occur.
Lower urinary tract symptoms have traditionally been divided into irritative symptoms such as nocturia, urgency, and frequency, attributed to bladder and prostatic smooth muscle contractions, and obstructive symptoms such as hesitancy, decreased force of stream, and incomplete emptying, attributed to increased glandular mass.
Surprisingly, their urinary irritative symptoms were controlled as well as their blood pressure.
However, three women did not complete the study because of mild irritative contact dermatitis.