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In particular, two genera of chrysomelid beetles (Microrhopala and Trirhabda) are known to irrupt and cause extensive plant damage (Messina and Root 1980, Sholes 1981, McBrien et al.
But then, in years when winter finches don't irrupt, everyone worries.
With black mantilla and murderous eyes, women's heels peal over the pavement stones, consternated to confirm that not one house has been razed, not one Lazarus raised, and, as if charging from a bullpen, they irrupt into the atria, where the men flag them with a glance or two, at the risk of getting their hearts gored.
A second line of interpretation that verges upon the present reading is Malcolm Pasley's identification of junctures at which (real-world) events in the process of composition irrupt upon, fuse into and advance the composition of Der Process, a feature which Stanley Corngold further develops in his close reading of passages from the beginning of The Trial in "Medial Allusions at the Outset of Der Process or, res in media," where the temporality of composition is shown retroactively to inform and condition plot developments.
9) Skepticism remains a standing threat that may irrupt into our ordinary lives at any moment to destroy our most secure convictions.
entails attending to signs which irrupt as a surprise, and which signify without any ascertainable signifying intention" (127).
Perfervid testimony may irrupt at any moment, tales of how once I was lost and now am saved.
When governments later responded to those past military rebellions with pardons and called on Argentines to forget, social memory of the past continued to irrupt in public life, impelled by the advocacy of human rights organizations and changes in the judiciary that opened new prosecutions.
While the Russian theorist Mikhail Bakhtin regarded the carnival as a social venue in which "low" democratic impulses could and did irrupt into social prominence, he also saw in it an ambivalent because short-lived and ultimately unthreatening response to prevailing political agents and institutions.
Kane dramatised, by making a war irrupt into a hotel in Leeds where an unequal, exploitative gender relation was taking place, the idea that private, gender violence is intimately connected with public and larger scale violence such as that of war and war terrorism.
Perhaps characters like the old man and M'Cola have more of a presence in this book than does Wesley in To Have and Have Not, but when the old man's voice does irrupt into Green Hills, it is only to scream "B'wana
In freeing himself from temporal and spatial specificity, the narrator creates a site into which an alien experience can irrupt that will suspend the conventions and relations with which his readers are familiar.