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Geoff LeBaron, director of the Audubon Society's Christmas bird count, said it was hard to estimate how many snowy owls flew south in this irruption because the latest data has not been tallied, but the overall number was probably a few thousand.
We are at once reminded of Mallarme's careful calculations for the typography of Un coup de des, coupled with the chance irruption of new constellations of meaning, and of the opening of the Book of Genesis, where God created the heavens and the earth and then bade that there be light.
it is the irruption in anonymous being of localization itself.
What surprising parallels there are with bird species, which undergo regular cycles of irruption and immigration themselves, probing ranges and, to the delight of birdwatchers, being regularly cast adrift by the vagaries of the British weather
As the irruption of the threat posed by the show's hangers-on enfolds Valuska in its spread, a larger flood of savagery is unleashed on the town until order finally is restored.
The seaweed farmers said changes in water flows in the Ariake Sea due to the closure of the 7-kilometer dikes and contaminated water discharged from a reservoir inside the gates brought about plankton irruption and malnutrition in the crops.
That Montaigne cites the same passage in the "Apologie de Raimond Sebond" attests to "the irruption, in the midst of a discourse on religion, of the expression of a strictly non-Christian belief" (58).
At the peak irruption, snakes outnumbered birds about 4 to 1.
This book is a brilliant and highly judicious analysis of some of the knottiest problems in the foundation of religious semiotics and once again shows Neville's mastery of the complex terrain where the irruption of ultimate meaning takes place in and against the culture of signs and the signs of culture.
Cannon and fortifications now form an impregnable barrier against the Tartar horse; and Europe is secure from any future irruption of Barbarians; since, before they can conquer, they must cease to be barbarous.
In the earlier period, the work of the epidemic doctors seems to have had made only a limited impression on the population, while the response to the first irruption of cholera--which some in the Seine-et Oise, as elsewhere in France, blamed on poisoning by government agents, including the physicians--may actually have reinforced fatalism and distrust of the profession among the peasantry.
His strange irruption into New England affairs attracted the attention of several writers.