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It is not clear from our sample if the frequency of irruptions for N Coast is intrinsically different from the other origin sites.
Further analyses of the multi-level trophic relationships that influence irruptions of Northern Saw-whet Owls at small geographic scale are certainly warranted.
The irruption of reality in Latin America accompanied an epistemological rupture in theology.
Without an irruption of reality and a rupture of the way of knowing intellectively, the concept can be correct, but exceedingly trivial.
And you'll come to discover how Kaijek's irruption story belongs to a Dreaming-inspired theatre of the absurd.
While important in function, irruption stories are ephemeral.
Clearly, the irruptions of the 1950s and 1960s were unmanaged and the resulting sharp declines were, in some cases, worsened by excessive harvests.
Their phenomenal irruption, dominated by darker-marked juveniles and females, now affords us a special opportunity to observe them without having to venture north to the tundra.
Something abnormal may be happening in the Arctic, though, too, as we've now had an unprecedented three consecutive irruption years.
This was done across all years (1999-2008) and independently for each year to reveal differences in movement patterns between irruption and non-irruption years.
This was done for all owls and separately for irruption and non-irruption years.
This year's small bird irruption followed a banner year for the eye candy of wild birds - snowy owls.