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The radical character of the irruption of reality cannot be required or programmed, and it does not offer reasons for its occurrence, even in intrinsically important circumstances.
The conditions that lead to rodent population irruptions may be infrequent, and there may be thresholds for either environmental conditions or population densities that lead to the increased numbers of infected rodents that are indicators of risk of virus transmission to humans.
An important strand of feminist theory is incorporated in this collection, in Toril Moi's reading of Woolf's textual practice as an exploratory enactment of Lacan's language-engendered difference, informed by irruptions of the Kristevan semiotic.
While the winter of 2013-14 may go down as one of the biggest irruptions ever, it probably won't top the mega-flight of 1926-27.
Irruptions are periodic and unpredictable, generally coming when collared and brown lemmings, their two primary Arctic prey, crash in numbers -- or when the snowy owl population just gets too high.
Staging interventions throughout the space (graphic embellishments on the floors and walls, rogue scraps of building systems, and irruptions such as portals, blockages, and cuts punctuating the spatial logic of the rooms), Trouve intended to disorient viewers--to put them out of their comfort zone, literally and figuratively.
Beginning in the late 1960s, Bock and his students examined data from the National Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count (a yearly volunteer-based bird survey) to see if irruptions of different species were synchronized.
The unpredictability of irruptions is what sets them apart from the more familiar pattern of bird movement called migration.
While we do not suggest that high prey populations in Newfoundland lead to local breeding-season irruptions of rough-legged hawks, they may facilitate successful breeding on the island.
Irruptions occur regularly when food supplies of various types are disrupted.
Though dramatic irruptions have been the focus of decades of study, speculation and controversy among ornithologists, much still remains to be learned.