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It is beset by various warring groups from the south and north, until Captain Grus of the navy steps up, crowning himself king.
The building is beset with problems that include holes in walls and broken windows, raw sewage in plumbing, exposed electrical wires, a broken central fire alarm, blocked fire exits and a buildup of trash, said Barbara Nobregas, an aide to Assistant City Attorney Michael Wilkinson, the prosecutor on the case.
com and Internet auctions in general, it is clear now that the traditional approach to wine auctions is beset with limiting factors for buyers and sellers alike.
Four-year-old Joshua Raffan is beset by nightmares after doctors explained he would have to face regular hepatitis B injections and blood tests over the next 12 months .
America in the 1990s is beset with a clatter of voices which feed our tendency toward narcissism and divide us as a nation by romanticizing cultural boundaries, stressing our differences, and obscuring those aspects of American life which should allow us to rediscover common goals and unifying values.