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Kate - who is confined to a wheelchair by nerve damage to her spine - said: "I am the oldest Paralympian and I am proud of it.
A businessman who is confined to a wheelchair last night hit out at train company GNER for its level of service to disabled people.
Korda's use of "housework theory," which posits that "domestic work under capitalism is not considered 'real' work because 'women's productive labor is confined to use-values while men produce for exchange" (54) seems anachronistic, neglecting the "putting-out" system for textiles: it was precisely household weavers exchanging their products for money who initiated English proto-capitalism.
The drawings tend to be white line oil a black or dark background, and color usually defines and is confined within an implied surface.
What terrorist activity remains is confined to small geographic areas, and they are being killed or captured on a daily basis.
He points out that he disputes Elton's insistence that the proper study of history is confined to the political history of the nation state, but this has nothing to do with the objectivity question.
1] The local type is characterized by the presence of a bone sequestrum that is confined to the external auditory canal.