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Unlike Tudor, De Keersmaeker has an extraordinarily limited, almost monosyllabic dance vocabulary; her company's gymnastic style of dancing, all too redolent of pain, anguish, angst, and loss, is confined to running, jumping, spinning, and standing still.
The operating profit of JPY 300-400 billion (USD 3-4 billion) after the regulatory dividend to policyholders is expected to be maintained as the negative interest margin is confined within a manageable level while investment profitability is likely to improve.
The mare is confined to a very tight space throughout her pregnancy in order to facilitate the collection of her urine.
Finally, the service area is confined to New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties in Delaware with ancillary services across state lines.
Kevin Natale, 16, is confined to a wheelchair and has limited movement of his arms.
Although ODS' product offering is confined exclusively to dental products, these products are jointly marketed with those of its affiliate, ODS Health Plan.