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In patients with tumors that involve both sides of the tongue base who have undergone extensive prior surgery (such as total laryngectomy or radical neck dissection), the anticipated loss of both lingual arteries during tumor resection may not result in ischemic necrosis of the remaining oral tongue if one of the lingual arteries has already been ligated.
On internal examination, the esophagus was black with ischemic necrosis of the mucosa, submucosa, and muscularis.
The differential diagnosis of black esophagus includes ischemic necrosis of the esophagus, exogenous and endogenous pigmentation, and hypersensitivity-related mucosal reactions.
15) As a result, fibrosis, intimal hyperplasia, and occasionally thrombosis of the vessels occur, followed by ischemic necrosis of the skin.
6) Progressive vascular compromise follows, with ischemic necrosis of skin, subcutaneous fat, and less often of muscle.