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ABOVE. Literally higher in place: But in law this word is sometimes used to designate the superior court, or one which may revise proceedings of an inferior court error, from such inferior jurisdiction. The court of error is called the court above; the court whose proceedings are to be examined is called the court below.
     2. By bail above, is understood bail to the action entered with the prothonotary or clerk, which is an appearance. See Bail above. The bail given to the Sheriff, in civil cases, when the defendant is arrested on bailable process, is called bail below; (q.v.) vide Below.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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There are also startling events that make it clear the Society isn't above vengeance and death in the interests of preserving a greater good - and some circumstances that demonstrate how God himself takes an active hand in the Society's efforts.
Little does Reg know that Norman isn't above making a play for Reg's wife Sarah, as a backup plan.
BIG SCHOOL (9pm BBC1) IT'S encouraging to see that David Walliams isn't above taking a pop at his other show Britain's Got Talent.
The legendary rocker might be entering the unknown, but he isn't above doing his research - the band looked over videos of four years of Glastonbury headliners to prepare for their debut.
But not anymore." A senior official said, " You need to understand that the BCCI isn't above the country.
Tom Hanks is into collecting old typewriters - and isn't above being bribed to get his hands on one.
Is this to say that the country is suddenly awakening to the intrigues of a government that isn't above politicizing something as grave as a death sentence?
Obviously he is really good, but he isn't above and beyond all of us,” Looper said.
RAMPART (15) CAST: Woody Harrelson, Sigourney Weaver, Robin Wright, Cynthia Nixon, Anne Heche, Ben Foster PLOT: Set in LA in 1999, cop Dave Brown (Harrelson) is quite charismatic and clever but also a sexist, racist, homophobic bully who isn't above stealing and killing people, albeit bad guys.
On his part, Sarey El-Din said that the Brotherhood was attempting to catch up with the rest of the political powers who have long stressed that SCAF isn't above the law.

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