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This easygoing plant adapts to almost any soil, can take sun or partial shade, and isn't fussy about water.
Like a turtle or a motor home, it carries all it needs on its back-operating system and application code-and isn't fussy about where it sets up housekeeping.
One of the newer entries in the crowded compact SUV segment, the Mazda CX-5 isn't fussy and does what it was designed to do rather well and in a cheerful way
WHITLEY BAY assistant manager Steve Cuggy isn't fussy when it comes to success in the FA Vase.
Unlike Wikipedia, which insists that featured people must reach a certain level of fame before they can be included, the Biographicon isn't fussy.
It isn't fussy about its soil, but is best grown in light shade.
He isn't fussy on the term "home-brew" but he's so passionate about making beer at home and so keen to share his knowledge that he has assembled the most user-friendly mini-microbrewery imaginable with a system of three stainless steel vessels (which can vary in size from 50 litres to 100 litres), coupled with hoses, pumps, valves and temperature gauges taking up not much more room than an office desk.
The Lilo Grill House isn't fussy about which country its dishes come from.
Taylor though isn't fussy about who he plays alongside.
Remember though, that if you are planting a young holly bush, it will take a long time to reach the size of a tree, although it isn't fussy about soil type and will thrive in both sun and shade.