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Once the individual is taken as an isolatable unit, then the individual and the community become pitted against each other in an ultimately irreconcilable tension.
The failure to isolate the bacteria which have taken up the GM construct is not surprising, as over 99% of soil bacteria are not isolatable by current culture techniques, and this is one major limitation to detecting horizontal gene transfer in the field.
159) Moreover, Congress may facilitate the application of CVD law to Chinese imports by finding the pertinent production subsidies--like SOE subsidization--sufficiently isolatable to furnish a basis for a CVD remedy.
Where the euthanasia debate is concerned, the situated subject is not an isolatable, independent, atomistic subject: her choice to die has implications for both self and society, and her choices can be either upheld or undermined by the prevailing social ethos[6]
long-term and short-term memory) are depicted as independent and isolatable functional components.
157) criticizes this as being realist ontology because it is based on an unquestioned acceptance of methodological individualism: individuals as the building blocks of organization, as self-contained and isolatable entities (see, e.
The number and granularity of categories, and whether they can be considered discrete isolatable entities, are ongoing and potentially insoluble problems for both psychiatry and library science.
25) This happens when two features that are constantly conjoined in our representations of all actual cases are imaginatively separated in the thought-experimental scenario in a way that shows them to have been isolatable all along.
Each intermediate rest will be filled by a trill of equivalent duration on two invariable notes and the whole will then constitute three melodic layers, isolatable by register and texture but profoundly interlinked amongst themselves by the total continuity of playing).
IT is simply too integrated into most businesses to be isolatable as a variable.
Of course, biology as engineering applies particularly well to such relatively isolatable, unambiguously optimizable organs with an evident primary function; but this brand of main-line adaptationism fares more poorly for most of the rest of biology.
Designer politics is a seminar pastime, like political science generally, that is only interesting to the extent that the question of design is isolatable from the many overlapping functions of any political instrument.