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What makes a joke a joke, in other words, is that the listener (and the collector) can make it wholly independent from a specific performer and treat it as an isolatable or discrete unit.
While essentially attached directly to the end of a pipeline as an isolatable extension, the trap can often be designed to a vessel code rather than a pipeline code.
This ideology reflects an unquestioned belief, especially in numeric values or metrics, associated with an isolatable, predictable, and reproducibly testable cause- (ways and means) and-effect (ends) relationships.
By using conventional graphical methodologies to determine the kinetic parameters of the easily isolatable imidization reaction, the authors were able to deconvolute both endothermic reactions (amidation and imidization) and approximate with good accuracy the more complex amidation reaction kinetics.
Yet few would disagree that the isolatable human being remains the atomic unit of history.
To me there is no contrast, lets say, in the Buddhist view of Not One, there is no isolatable, unchangeable ego or soul or 'I' with which you would be able to work from beginning to end.
Wishing not to beg any questions about the significance of this part of the dialogue, I point only to an argument whose logic is isolatable, even if its total meaning is inseparable from the meaning of the second part (or, indeed, of the entire dialogue) as a whole.