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In joke-telling sessions, the performer role might switch between jokes, this switch might be rapid and frequent, and one joke might lead to another one of a similar type or content, but the narratives are isolatable not simply by folklorists, but by the participants themselves.
While essentially attached directly to the end of a pipeline as an isolatable extension, the trap can often be designed to a vessel code rather than a pipeline code.
This ideology reflects an unquestioned belief, especially in numeric values or metrics, associated with an isolatable, predictable, and reproducibly testable cause- (ways and means) and-effect (ends) relationships.
By using conventional graphical methodologies to determine the kinetic parameters of the easily isolatable imidization reaction, the authors were able to deconvolute both endothermic reactions (amidation and imidization) and approximate with good accuracy the more complex amidation reaction kinetics.
However, by considering the forms of circulation to be exogenous to cultural structures, and by breaking up the structure of the flow of people and things into isolatable events, the end results or uptake of these circulations take on the character of a necessity.
(This is good news to students who have to memorize the damn things.) Yet few would disagree that the isolatable human being remains the atomic unit of history.
To me there is no contrast, lets say, in the Buddhist view of Not One, there is no isolatable, unchangeable ego or soul or 'I' with which you would be able to work from beginning to end.
In 1992, the Society specifically banned hemoglobin, an isolatable component of red blood cells, and placed it alongside banned whole plasma, red blood cells, and white blood cells.
This results in functional (isolatable) problems, such as "joint theater logistics" and its subproblems.
It links the birth of the subject area to the emergence of its object, and the existence of this object to the observer who imagines and defines it: religion exists as such, isolatable in cultural space, only because there was once subject matter for a history of religions.
The general thrust of most conceptions is that the Underground Railroad was an isolatable, fairly uncomplicated phenomenon.