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The primary purpose of this initiative is to encourage the development of technologies for isolating and characterizing exfoliated cells, circulating cells, and plasma/serum DNA.
The new Shure Sound Isolating Earphone line consists of the following models:
Sound Isolating Design/Personalized Fit and Comfort: Proven more effective than noise cancellation, Shure's sound isolating earphones block 30-37dB of outside noise with a good seal.
Already winning industry accolades for superior design, the Shure E4c sound isolating earphones have been named one of this year's International CES Innovations 2005 Award honorees.
Users looking to enhance their experience are turning to premium accessories like sound isolating earphones and noise-canceling headphones.
Data centers are wasting thousands of dollars in labor costs isolating DDoS attacks," said Phil London, Mazu's CEO.