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Increased usage of surface marker-based cell isolation techniques in stem cell and cancer research is another major reason for the growth of this market.
"The non-enzymatic isolation technique allows for a spontaneous selection of cells with higher motility and yields a nearly homogeneous cell population."
(2011) compared conventional isolation technique with PCR for identification of MS infecting broiler birds.
Temporal changes in DGGE profiles were observed regardless of isolation technique. The increase in bands over the sample interval coincided with temperatures exceeding 10[degrees]C.
For their study, the researchers created ten cell lines to study using a single-cell isolation technique. They separated cells that make a unique surface protein called CD133 by placing them in a liquid medium, and running through a flow cytometer.
The company developed a freeze-seal isolation technique on the five-inch pipework, allowing the defect to be isolated and rectified without the need to repeat a significant venting routine for the reactor primary circuit.
The new Live Service Isolation technique is a safe alternative to the practice of cutting service pipes in live gas conditions.
-- A novel isolation technique to pass AC signals through a 5000 Visolation barrier
Special thanks are given to Colleen Truman for her work on perfecting this DNA isolation technique, and Tawanna Ross Vardeman for her expertise in CTAB DNA extraction.
BJ Process and Pipeline Services has associated with PSI, a Norwegian company that specializes in remote controlled pipeline isolation systems, to offer a turnkey pipeline isolation technique. Joe Hall, BJ Process and Pipeline Services' SmartPlug regional manager, said attendance at the three-day demo (Aug 27-29) built each day as word of mouth spread.
Spacing between receive and transmit antennas is an excellent wideband isolation technique. Figure 4 shows the free-space coupling versus frequency for isotropic radiators for three spacings compatible with available body length.
Regardless of cell origin and isolation technique, all purified MSC populations were found to be positive for selected MSC markers, CD105, CD90, and CD73, indicating that they were of mesenchyme origin and meeting the suggested requirements of the International Society of Cell Therapy (ISCT) position statement [13].