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Charging Switzerland with isolationism proved to be the key tactic of the pro-UN forces.
Arthur Vandenberg was lured into switching from isolationism to championing intervention around the globe by a Mata Hari planted in his bed by British intelligence.
Not only did he not share their isolationism, but he was also in many ways a liberal Democrat--on race, for example, more liberal than Franklin Roosevelt.
The House, by its actions tonight, has reaffirmed with our trading partners around the globe that isolationism and protectionism cannot stand in a global economy.
Using laymen's terms, the author describes how this trying period in our history influenced censorship standards, the portrayal of gender roles in film and a climate of political isolationism that would end on December 7, 1941.
Contrary to interpretations that see Irish politics in the post-war era as defined largely by isolationism, Murphy (politics, Dublin City U.
In 1915, his populist isolationism led him to underwrite the Peace Ship, a gaudy and absurd venture that sailed to Europe carrying as passengers the contemporary equivalent of The Huffington Post.
The lowest blow was, "Most Americans, at least those who think Elvis is dead, see international isolationism as a recipe for more conflict.
US green guru Amory Lovins added: "Many Americans are embarrassed by our country's isolationism.
Having sidestepped the Security Council on Kosovo and rejected the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Washington is accused of retreating into angry isolationism.
Stung by the Senate's defeat of a treaty banning nuclear underground testing, a visibly angry President Clinton on Thursday accused Republicans of engaging in reckless partisanship and embracing a new isolationism that threatens America's national and economic security.