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Both the pacifist Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and the peace-oriented, isolationist influenced National Council for the Prevention of War (NCPW) existed throughout the period.
The President's use of the isolationist straw man may postpone the day when his administration must conduct an honest foreign policy debate, but it does a disservice to his country.
To designate, for example, the policy and practice of the United States during the last century as isolationist is absurd.
Some Jews have already made their choice - they will be defiant isolationists - but the large majority want to live as Jews within the larger society.
This exchange represents the typical answer provided by members of various isolationist cults when pushed to respond to the question of leader-initiated homicide.
MM: Can we afford to close all our doors and follow an isolationist policy?
These campaigns stems from an isolationist mentality which sees Lebanon as a mere narrow nationalist entity.
Syria has sought to repair years of isolationist policies by moving closer to the region.
Her central question is how the good people of Iowa so quickly transformed their relatively isolationist views on the threatening world conflict into an overwhelmingly enthusiastic attitude that they sustained throughout hostilities.
They are not against foreigners, they are not anti-European or isolationist, they have made a wise and democratic decision not to tie themselves even more tightly with an unsatisfactory organisation.
And FDR did say, "We are not isolationist except insofar as we seek to isolate ourselves completely from war.
Pat Buchanan is not to every conservative's taste: he is a radical isolationist, and advocates ignoring the threat of terrorism overseas.