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Analog Devices' ADuM140D/E digital isolators are rated for operating temperatures ranging from ?
Similar to the isolators, several circulator devices exhibit high isolation levels of 20 dB min, insertion loss down to 0.
Due to the labor intensive and time consuming process currently required to produce the thermoset isolators, there was an interest in developing an injection moldable thermoplastic version that could be manufactured at a lower cost.
A method for designing passive isolators, Scientific Bulletin of Petrosani University, Vol.
Testing was undertaken to determine whether personal exposure to airborne particles of a high potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) during transfer and milling operations within the isolator could be controlled to <1.
The technology that Shin-Etsu has expeditiously developed fulfills the equipment makers' expectation by achieving the total elimination of lead from optical isolators.
Engineers from around the country worked through the night to replace an isolator unit that affected half a mile of track near Wednesbury.
Power supplied to the middle stud of the battery isolators flows to each of the other studs.
Base isolators are currently found only on very large buildings and bridges.
The design and construction of the isolators are similar to that of transparent flexible PVC isolators for gnotobiotic animals in biomedical research; the isolators were adapted both for in-patient and transport use (4-7).
CMOS-Based Si87xx Isolators Offer Longer Device Lifetime and Superior Reliability, Enabling Manufacturers to Extend Product Warranties
For the reasons listed above, newer isolator installations/projects are less expensive than RABS installations/projects, even though isolators may have as much as a 20% capital equipment premium.