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To put into action, practice, or force; to make use of something, such as a right or option.

To exercise dominion over land is to openly indicate absolute possession and control.

To exercise discretion is to choose between doing and not doing something, the decision being based on sound judgment.

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Cardiovascular autonomic responses to whole body isotonic exercise in normotensive healthy young adult males with parental history of hypertension.
The eccentric isotonic exercises constitute a vital part in the muscular strengthening program as a weakness of the muscles in the eccentric phase could increment reactional forces in the patellofemoral joint.
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The SE group performed static stretching and isotonic exercises intended for the neck, back, and shoulder muscles, in addition to the exercises completed by the CE group.
Shaker exercise includes isometric and isotonic exercises. Isometric exercises are performed by raising the head up for 60 seconds followed by a minute rest for a repetition of three times.
Under muscular endurance, items that have a mean score of high level is an activity that can increase muscle endurance (Mean=4.10) and the safety to prevent injuries while undergoing training in muscular endurance (Mean=4.38) and definition of muscular endurance (Mean=4.20), Other items such as the definition of muscular endurance, isometric contraction, isotonic contraction, isokinetic contraction, the pattern of activity in isometric exercise, the pattern of activity in isokinetic exercise, the threshold level training in physical fitness, and the importance of isotonic exercises only gained moderately high mean score of between 3.01 to 4.00.
[12] found that cardiovascular response produced by isotonic exercises is intensity dependant and exercise sessions that includes relaxation between contractions shows lower cardiovascular response.
Physiotherapy management included infra-red application (dry heat) for 10 minutes warm-up ROM exercises for 5min daily stretching and ROM exercises to improve flexibility isometric exercises to improve strength and isotonic exercises for a maximum of two days per week.