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Causes of isotonic fluid volume overload include excessive administration of fluids and excessive irrigation of body cavities (enemas, peritoneal dialysis, gastric lavage, etc.
However, it has been reported that even the infusion of isotonic fluid does not eliminate the risk of hyponatremia.
Post-operative use of isotonic fluid in children undergoing surgical correction of scoliosis (N = 24) helps prevent hyponatremia.
Electrolytes are typically not administered until the body has received a certain percentage of isotonic fluid, thus optimizing renal function.
This is consistent with previous studies that have shown that ultrafiltration, differently from diuretics, removes isotonic fluid and therefore the greatest possible amount of sodium per unit of fluid withdrawn.
The release of inflammatory mediators, mostly from the zone of hyperaemia, results in isotonic fluid shifts from the intravascular space to the burned area.