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Hence perhaps the Olympian lack of struggle in the process by which 'the imaginative ideas mysteriously issue forth'.
With their familiar call of "Oyez, oyez, oyez", the roaring rivals donned ceremonial garb to issue forth loud proclamations in a marathon shouting session across the city.
Striking an ironic note, he argues that all too often, "the European Parliament gives the impression that it perceives two types of subject: those that fall within the Community's mandate, in respect of which it demands a power of co-decision; and others, on which is believes it has a universal and permanent right to issue forth Opinions".
His Hebrew name, Abba, fused deliciously with the name Eban since the Hebrew version of the surname, "Even," meant "stone," and Abba Even would then mean, "Father Stone"--a sturdy, smooth, and glistening stone, to be sure, and a stone from which life-giving water in a desert was to issue forth.
"Yep," I say, "and so do bullfrog." Squeals of shock and "Ewww!" issue forth and the children immediately want to search for one of these amazing creatures.
Ever since Sandra Bernhard's first HBO special, hard-core fans have closely watched that pair of stretchy Mick Jagger lips to see what outrageousness will issue forth next.
One law directed that the bodies of the dead be "placed in a wooden casket covered by a lid secured with nails, so that no stench [smell] can issue forth from it." Such odors, it was wrongly believed, further spread the disease.
Despite my reactions, there is no doubt in my mind that the recent events issue forth a new imperative to consult our religious resources.
The longer the cheese ages, the grainier the consistency and the more complex the fragrances--butter, white wine, almonds--that issue forth. Arguably, it could be called the national cheese.
Think of the ladies of La Fere, whose plaints issue forth in songs that "discourse on our sadnesses and pains." Their songs break down the isolation of masculine poetics and reinscribe lyric with the solidarity of women.
It is a question of the potency of the instrument and its beautiful sherry colour which makes a non-player like me wonder at the fact that such sweet melodies issue forth from what is basically varnished wood and cat gut.
Set to a taped orchestral score by Manolo Sanlucar, dancers augment the music with rhythmic footwork, palmas (hand-clapping), pitos (Finger-snapping), and unorthodox cries that issue forth from Medea.