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One law directed that the bodies of the dead be "placed in a wooden casket covered by a lid secured with nails, so that no stench [smell] can issue forth from it.
Despite my reactions, there is no doubt in my mind that the recent events issue forth a new imperative to consult our religious resources.
The longer the cheese ages, the grainier the consistency and the more complex the fragrances--butter, white wine, almonds--that issue forth.
Think of the ladies of La Fere, whose plaints issue forth in songs that "discourse on our sadnesses and pains.
It is a question of the potency of the instrument and its beautiful sherry colour which makes a non-player like me wonder at the fact that such sweet melodies issue forth from what is basically varnished wood and cat gut.
Set to a taped orchestral score by Manolo Sanlucar, dancers augment the music with rhythmic footwork, palmas (hand-clapping), pitos (Finger-snapping), and unorthodox cries that issue forth from Medea.
Insisting that Eco's work is always two-sided, where intellectual discoveries issue forth in serious scholarly writing and in parodic spoofs or fictional versions of themselves, Bondanella systematically reveals the interrelationships among the three novels, The Name of the Rose, Foucault's Pendulum, and The Island of the Day Before, and the theoretical positions developed in tandem with them.
Ligon, therefore, positions himself in a tradition evocative of African forms where the aesthetic and the sacred cannot be distinguished from the prosaic and secular, and it finds "voice" in the sounds Ligon selects to issue forth from the boxes.
On the morning of Palm Sunday, stately possessions issue forth from the major churches and move solemnly along the cobblestone streets to symbolize the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.
Without such harnesses, King was free to stumble into the power of direct action-or, perhaps more accurately, to allow its power and wisdom to issue forth from him, unthrottled.
The work's knotted, hot-pink surface looks grotesque, but it's impossible to avoid giving it a sniff--at which point the memories begin to issue forth in a pop-Proustian flood.
It is surely an inauthentic faith that does not issue forth in love, justice, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, forbearance, self-sacrifice and the like.