issue threats

See: coerce
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He explained that legitimate companies would never demand money or issue threats if payment is not made immediately.
Kaskar used to issue threats in the name of his brother, Dawood Ibrahim.
Summary: Gangster jailed for murder also used his Facebook page to issue threats to a former lawmaker
It is these devices that are allowing thugs like McGartland to issue threats to the outside world through social media accounts.
It would appear that his response to "an open revolt" is to issue threats.
Tweets show graphic images of civilian deaths, exaggerate IS military success and issue threats to civilians of specific nations.
South Korean activists have in the past sent anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border, prompting North Korea to issue threats of an attack.
Despite being told to drop the knife because he was frightening the children, he continued to issue threats.
They are a failed party, yet they issue threats to the Government.
He questioned who gave Hezbollah the right to issue threats about oil in Lebanese regional waters without referring back to official Lebanese authorities and the will of the Lebanese people.
This calls on Syria to clarify matters, especially when some of its allies, after visiting it, issue threats and accusations and escalate the situation," Ziyabi added.
Shirley continues to issue threats from a police cell, while Pat strives to prevent Denise finding out the truth.