issued weapons

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Some have gotten behind Trump's suggestion that some teachers should be issued weapons and trained in their use, an idea that has drawn strong criticism from educators.
These weapons were all British issued weapons and the ones the Indian authorities claimed were illegal.
I was told Bombay [now Mumbai] mafia don issued weapons to 2 hitmen to 'eliminate' me.
The new recruits did not have issued weapons yet, but a few brought their own AKs to the induction.
Based on advanced airsoft technology, the PTW is fully compatible with all common and accepted weapons upgrades, allowing the operator to equip a PTW with the same accessories used on issued weapons.
Currently, SENAD officials are considered civil servants and are not issued weapons but may carry their own weapons.
While most contractors won't be issued weapons, "you may have to pick up a weapon to save your life," says Jack, who leads the training.
Levels of stress related illness has been higher in the RUC than any other police force and 70 officers have committed suicide, many with their RUC issued weapons.
To begin with, except for persons involved in actual combat operations or for military police, military personnel typically do not have access to issued weapons on a daily basis.
soldiers having used issued weapons to commit domestic violence.
Removed from the civilian context, however, and put into the controlled environment of the Army regarding issued weapons, this "remedial measure" accomplishes nothing.