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Single parent, widow etc cannot adopt the baby and only a couple who is issueless (who don't have children because of medical reasons) are allowed to adopt the baby.
The study revealed that many issueless couples considered religious healing as more efficient treatment and were found satisfied with role and practices of religious healers (Shoaib, 2011).
The Argument portrays Volpone as a conniving and issueless man.
Being issueless in most of the Islamic world has higher chances of getting divorce for women.29
In this regard, they are catalytics and coordinators among various experts (Balci, 2007).Headmaster are in charge of managing personnels, academic achievements of students and an issueless period the school has (Smith, 2006).
Hitting back at the Congress, Union minister Prakash Javadekar called the accusations baseless and said the party has become issueless.
"End users will pay for quality, issueless content, and they expect nothing less than that," says Guichard.
People who first voted in the so-called issueless 1950s are being replaced in the electorate by their grandchildren, who have received their political socialization in a much more polarized environment, replete with hotly debated policy issues.
It would bring cheer to his issueless first wife and his endlessly waiting and paralyzed mother.
to us in our opinion; and besides, / She's next successive, should your majesty Die issueless, which heaven defend.] Of those that would her make / Next successor of your state.
This poll results have shattered the myth that Indian elections are largely issueless compared to the western democracies.
Kolkata: The politics of violence and individualism have taken forefront in West Bengal rendering the decisive election an issueless exercise in a state that sends 42 parliamentarians to the Lok Sabha.