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As an ex-teacher in this city, I was aware that the italics are, in fact, highlighted revisions of the document and that I had only 15 days to contest it.
5) Of Aldus's italic octavo imprints of 1501 and 1502, the Lyonese had copied all but the 1502 Cicero (Epistolae familiares), Statius, Valerius Maximus, and the three volumes of Ovid, and the last two authors were to appear, in all likelihood, before the end of 1503.
1) Where possible, abbrevations and citations and the use of italics follow Dandamayev's style, on the supposition that users of these remarks may wish to collate them with the published text.
The necessary typefaces on the DTL Argo (light, light italic, medium, medium italic, bold, bold italic) must be present or may be purchased.
Iaconis, chairman of the New York based Italic Institute of America, said that in the early 1990s, "Rudolph W.
Following the standard guidelines for this series, the editors have modernized spelling and capitalization, introduced modern rules of punctuation, removed superfluous italics, and inserted some additional stage directions.
Du Bois that, despite prohibition and negative public opinion, about five percent of the slaves had learned to read by 1860 is entirely plausible and may even be too low" (563; italics added), widespread selective adaptation of Biblical material had to have occurred by way of listening, rather than reading.
Editor's Note: The correct usage of the product name is: "StreamLend Velocity" with only the first, or most prominent, usage containing the Registration symbol following StreamLend; with "StreamLend" as one word; with the "L" capitalized; and with "Velocity" in italics.
However, even though you can do it on your PC, too much use of bold, underlining and italics destroy the point.
Taking just the block quotations in chapter one, I find that it is not until the final quotation (number twenty-two) that she gets one completely right, free of lapses in punctuation, spelling, capitals and lower-case letters, italics, and the indentation of lines.
Scala Italics 16/19, tracking-3 (other articles); body text--Scala Regular 10/12, tracking-2, folios--Scala Bold, 106 pt.
Users have a full spectrum of design options, including color, font selection, bold, italics, and more.