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This leads to complications, such as the fact that half of Granjon's italics were smaller than Pica, in size, and we only have evidence from (sometimes badly printed) 500year-old books to go on.
To begin with, I propose as a working hypothesis that during the first few years (roughly 1501-1505), readers north of the Alps would not have been immediately attracted to such imprints since the italic fonts were fairly far removed from the style of their handwriting and typography (basically gothic, or bastard gothic).
Times New Roman typeface, including Italic, Bold and Bold Italic
T9 Text Output also offers users multiple font sizes and styles, as well as bold, underline and italics, in more than 25 languages.
There are twelve weights ranging from Hairline to UltraBold, and an italic is included for each weight.
Martin Lowry (1979) demonstrated that Aldus had not in fact ever used Bessarion's Greek manuscripts in the Marciana Library, that Aldus went to Venice for very hard-headed business reasons, and that his innovation of italic type had little to do with the prices of his books; but Barolini without comment adheres to older conventional wisdom on these and other points.
In conjunction with these new localized versions, Documents To Go for Symbian UIQ now includes additional spreadsheet enhancements, such as the ability to insert and delete rows and columns, freeze panes, and format cells using alignment, bold, italic and color options as well as TrueType font* support.
His Copacabana(TM) typeface family is a slightly italicized design partially based on the Goudy Old Style(TM) italic font.
17 can now send text in bold, italics, or strikethrough formats.
Answers to four clues written in italics formed a phrase that seemed to ridicule the spa town's night-life in the broadsheet's quick crossword on Monday January 19.
Italics and underlining are generally used in the same way, though italics are used only with word processors.