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ITCHY HANDS AND FINGERS MOST LIKELY: CONTACT DERMATITIS "This is a type of eczema caused by excessive hand-washing, housework or chemicals," said Dr Clare Morrison, GP at online doctor and pharmacy, MedExpress (medexpress.
Ask a pharmacist for advice on overthe-counter treatments," he advises, adding: "Causes of itchy skin with no rash could be due to food sensitivity or a reaction to medication, or a problem with the liver, gall bladder or thyroid.
It makes sense that human skin would develop the ability to detect an itchy tickle, he says.
Bandages saw me ' dubbed "mummy man" and "Casper the Itchy Ghost"
Manager Arma Celeste said: "We pride ourselves on a comfortable, homely environment and Itchy and Scratchy are now an important part of our community.
Sensory nerve scientists have not known whether the nerves with itchy receptors and pain receptors were actually sending both types of messages to the brain, or just itch messages.
Lev Makarov, head of 2x2 TV, said the channel would have to remove Itchy and Scratchy to avoid breaking the law which comes into force today.
Try to avoid scratching and the NP will slowly disappear, but you will still be very itchy for some weeks.
Instead of scratching, rub moisturising cream into the itchy areas.
The formulation is designed to help soothe the scalp more powerfully than regular Head & Shoulders, with eucalyptus and menthol extracts in the Itchy variant, and active ingredients that prevent the hair and scalp from losing moisture in the Dry variant.
Children at eight Liverpool schools will watch violent scenes featuring the hit cartoon's Itchy and Scratchy - two characters who spend every episode trying find ways to hurt or kill each other.