item of evidence

See: exhibit
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It is yet another item of evidence that links poor health to tough social and economic conditions.
It relied, too, on a circuit board, alleged to have been part of the bomb and to have derived from a batch of Swiss timing devices sold to Libya, though it was to transpire that this item of evidence -- found far from the Lockerbie crash site -- had nothing to do with the timers in question.
com) to every item of evidence captured and preserved in the evidence container produced by the system, Cernam "Capture & Preserve" collects and packages the entire content of a web page or other online resource in an evidentially sound manner, providing survivable third-party verification of time and integrity without the reliance on any specific technology providers.
Investigators should make two copies and ensure that they put on each disk the operator's name and signature, as well as the date and case number, and then treat each CD-ROM as they would any other item of evidence, establishing a chain of custody and securely storing the media.
In the early days there were many theories as to what may have happened so we had to meticulously look at every item of evidence until we identified Mr Davies and had enough evidence to charge him.
It was written and said there was match-fixing without one item of evidence," Blatter said.
0 includes a task history feature that provides a detailed processing status and history of each item of evidence, including file counts and time stamps for each stage in the process for audit, metrics and productivity measurement.
To start with the most obvious item of evidence, it's the year of Sgt.
A single item of evidence may be subject to many examinations in several units.
Use the database software's automatic labeling feature to create number labels for each document and item of evidence.
For example, if a key item of evidence has vanished between the deadline for notification and the actual receipt of notice, the insurer often can demonstrate sufficient prejudice to defeat the claim (assuming that alternative, comparable evidence does not remain available).
This belief causes them to stretch their otherwise strong points beyond believability, vigorously object to every item of evidence that might hurt them, and fight about every issue, no matter how trivial.