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This item of information was imparted to us by a most extraordinary individual, a genuine South-Sea vagabond, who came alongside of us in a whale-boat as soon as we entered the bay, and, by the aid of some benevolent persons at the gangway, was assisted on board, for our visitor was in that interesting stage of intoxication when a man is amiable and helpless.
He said it lightly, carelessly, as he might have imparted any casual item of information, such as the hour at which their train was to leave for Florence the next evening.
Todd's letter contained the first item of information of which we were in search.
Every item of information received by Limassol CID is evaluated, and once its credibility is established, triggers immediate police action to recover the stolen property for review by the victims of these robbers," Soteriades said.
Nearly all legitimate e-mail messages from companies to their customers contain an item of information that is not readily available to phishers (name, account number, business name etc) so suspicion should be raised with staff if a generic looking request comes through on email.
But he admitted: "We can't promise every single item of information will always be safe as mistakes are made by human beings.
MIGHT I add an item of information to your report on the composting toilet at West Denton allotment (The Journal, August 26)?
The following item of information was provided by Sylvia, an online reader who wrote: "I would like to alert people living in the St Chad's area that there has been yet another application to the council for a siting of a mobile phone mast.
Just because one small item of information was not given to Coun Kennedy, I cannot continue with my case.
Advanced Email Parser (AEP) is an email extraction utility providing features to help extract every item of information from emails.