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To individually state each item or article.

Frequently used in tax accounting, an itemized account or claim separately lists amounts that add up to the final sum of the total account on claim.


verb be specific, catalog, circumstantiate, count, designate, detail, document, enter into detail, enumerate, index, inventory, list, mention, mention in detail, note, number, particularize, point out, post, recount, register, set down, specify, state by items, tabulate
Associated concepts: itemize an account, itemize damages, itemize expenses
See also: delineate, describe, designate, detail, enumerate, impanel, index, relate, specify, tabulate
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Distant Prospect, who was eight lengths behind Itemise at Doncaster, was beaten a bit less than that in the Cesarewitch on ground that would have been plenty fast enough for him.
The biggest reason for not putting up Itemise as a bet was a worry whether the price would be big enough.
Another who will be prominent in the betting against Itemise is Flying Wanda but I'm not at all convinced she is as good over this distance as she is at a mile and a half.