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To individually state each item or article.

Frequently used in tax accounting, an itemized account or claim separately lists amounts that add up to the final sum of the total account on claim.


verb be specific, catalog, circumstantiate, count, designate, detail, document, enter into detail, enumerate, index, inventory, list, mention, mention in detail, note, number, particularize, point out, post, recount, register, set down, specify, state by items, tabulate
Associated concepts: itemize an account, itemize damages, itemize expenses
See also: delineate, describe, designate, detail, enumerate, impanel, index, relate, specify, tabulate
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Unfortunately, even following the statute will not necessarily ensure a proper verdict form.[27] For example, the 1999 version of the statute does not require itemization of past and future damages or a determination of the number of years in the future the jury intends to provide compensation, without which it may be impossible for a court to apply, and parties to take advantage of, the provisions allowing for periodic payment of judgments.[28] Likewise, the degree to which a verdict is itemized can impact the scope of a new trial on "damages only."[29]
For example, an Ohio owner sent a check refunding part of the security deposit and an itemization explaining why she was keeping the rest of it.
"The values of any civilization," Leo Frobenius writes, "go down to its least details." Ernaux does not turn away from them, and her book is an itemization of the cost.
Even if the contract breaks out the purchase price by element, that itemization still may not be a good enough measure of fair value (because some sellers may be willing to break out the purchase price any way just as long as they get their price).
So, while Critical Spaces will be of use to undergraduate students following relevant curricula, its summary itemization of a burgeoning amount of criticism might perhaps be most productively read as a descriptive account of some of the processes by which canon-formation operates in different, and then not so different, cultural systems of incorporation for the commercially successful Canadian Laurence and the less popular New Zealander Frame.
A statement summarizing the scope and breath of recommended discovery, but without itemization of each item needed to complete discovery, should be included.
* Permits franchising authorities to adopt regulations consistent with the Commission's subscriber bill itemization rules, which require that the charge identified on the subscriber bill as the total charge for cable service include all itemized fees and costs.
CF's extensive manual, including a three-part tutorial section, takes the user step-by-step through the process of constructing cash flow analyses, using formulas, itemization and consolidation.
The Department of Energy (DOE) has been ardently pushing for the itemization of the cost items being passed on at the pumps, but this cannot seem to get past through the door of the department due to string of opposition from the industry players.
For another, the recent act of the Senate leadership to sit down and negotiate with the House to resolve the impasse is also deemed as highly dubious considering that 'negotiation' would give no other impression than that it agrees with the lower chamber, after all the hullabaloo, that the ratified budget bill may still be subjected to changes by way of 'itemization' of the already approved appropriations.
"It seems that the Senate wants lump sums, while the House advocates itemization.
(1st District, Camarines Sur), Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, on Wednesday said that the last-minute amendments made by the House of Representatives were merely itemization of certain lump sum funds in the ratified bicameral conference committee report on the 2019 General Appropriations Bill (GAB).